6160 Solutions is a dynamic, multi-faceted company specializes in concept, design, and production to meet all your ALSE and parachuting requirements and training. Our experienced team is dedicated to working with you to find the best solutions that fit within your budget, timeframe and scope. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of excellence in the pursuit of innovation and technology. Our capabilities focus on R&D and training with sewing, RF welding and kitting ability.  6160 can service all your ALSE and parachute products with very little down time.

An exceedingly devoted, tireless, and creative group of people; our staff has an average of over 50 years of working with US and foreign military and law enforcement and possess exceptional executive qualities. The large body of our experience is within SOCOM units focusing on personnel equipment and parachuting. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) ready to meet your needs.

We have packed and serviced well over 10,000 military and civilian parachute systems and worked in parachute research, development, test jumping. We are Veterans and are rated as a Military MFF/SL Jumpmasters, Master Parachutists, Military Freefall Parachutists, Military Static Line Parachutists and Navy/Army Parachute Riggers. Also, AFF Instructors, Tandem Masters, and Videomen

Our goal is to partner with vendors to find the right solutions that meet your needs while staying on budget and on target.


  • Survival Equipment Vest Incorporating Flotation Bladder

Patent date Issued Jun 2, 2015 Patent issuer and number us US 9,045,206 B2


  • Tactical Equipment Carrier

Patent date Issued Jul 23, 2013 Patent issuer and number us 8,490,788 B2