The leader in Parachutes and Life Support Equipment

We are the leaders in custom equipment to include Parachutes, Harnesses, Vests and Flotation devices.  50+ years of experience.

We inspect, service and re-certify a wide variety of aviation life support equipment (ALSE). Our objective is to keep safety gear maintained and ready to deploy for military, law enforcement and search and rescue teams. Our technicians are trained and certified to perform required periodic inspection and to make essential repairs and upgrades. We service 6160 Solutions gear as well as that of many other manufacturers. We comply with all OEM service specifications and we guarantee satisfaction.

Some of the equipment that we service and re-certify is listed below…and our services capabilities are always expanding—so please call us if you have service needs that are not yet listed.

  • Parachute Systems (Two FAA Master Riggers available), with 50+ years of military/civilian experience (8000+ jumps)
    • Personnel
    • Cargo
  • Flotation Collars and Devices
  • Vests and Harnesses
  • First-Aid, Signal and Survival Kits
  • SAR Equipment



Packing, Repair and Maintenance Courses are designed to provide those responsible for the maintenance of parachute equipment with the required product understanding and repair techniques and capabilities to successfully perform all maintenance and repair actions authorized on the products to ensure a satisfactory life of the parachutes on the field.


6160 Solutions offers a wide range of Military Freefall training Courses for paratrooper units that aim to carry out specific missions where a free fall infiltration is mandatory.


Tandem is a unique and demanding roll of insertion.  You will jump with passengers, passengers/equipment, passenger/K9, passenger/equipment/k9 and military tandem bundle.


Canopy Flying Course is aimed to help our customers maximize their levels of safety and performance in the use of parachutes to help them comply with their mission requirements.


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