The PFC-1 is packed in a low profile casing made of fire resistant materials that are designed to open when the dual-chambered bladder inflates. A single-pull beaded handle is located on each side, when manually pulled, activates a 55-gram CO2 gas cartridge for inflation. The left side is equipped with an auto-inflate device which will activate within five (5) seconds when submerged in water (salt of fresh). There is also a manual handle for the left side which should be used as the primary means of inflating the collar. The right side has a manual inflator which should be used as a back up in the event the left side auto inflator or handle does not work. Two oral inflation tubes allow the user to manually increase, decrease, or maintain the air pressure in the bladder chambers. These oral tubes have a 2.5 PSI relief valve which will relieve any pressure greater than 2.5 PSI. This could happen if the right handle is pulled and the left side is manually actuated also or inflates with the auto-inflation device.

PFC-1 Manual - Click Here