Parachutist Equipt Options

We have a great deal of options when it comes to parachutist equipment. SG7 Harness, H-Harness, Single Point Release Harness, PDB, Convertible Equipment Bag, Rapid Release Harness, Personnel Cargo Drop Harness, Gear Bags,....  Many options available.  Below are some samples and descriptions.

PDB (parachutist drop bag)

The Parachutist Drop Bag (PDB) is a multi-function, jumpable drop bag that can be configured for both Military Freefall and Static Line Operations. It can be rigged in the front- or rear-mounted positions, either as a single point release or using standard quick release attachments.

Currently available in all standard colors and custom colors according to user requirements.

  • Custom made to customer specifications
  • National Stock Number (NSN): 1670-01-508-9051



The Convertible Equipment Bag is capable of carrying up to 200 lbs of equipment and can be used for Static Line and Military Freefall operations. It can be worn in the front and mounted configurations. It is equipped with a Single Point Release for use in the front mounted mode. It has a main compartment that is designed to hold a jumpers individual equipment or excess unit equipment that can not fit in a soldiers rucksack. This main compartment can be compressed to accommodate smaller loads. Two external pockets can hold smaller items and are easily accessible to the jumper while the Bag is donned. The Bag opens and closes quicklyso that the equipment can be secured rapidly on the Drop Zone.

The Bag is reversible with the reversible side in a subdued color giving it a civilian appearance. This provides a means for the soldier to continue on his mission in a civilian appearance. In training the Bag can be used by the jumper to put his parachute into it after landing for turn in.

As with all 6160 products the Convertible Equipment Bag is designed with the user in mind, is of the highest quality and built to last



The HSPR Harness, Single Point Release is a H-type design. It attaches the pack to the parachutist during the movement in the aircraft, exit, and main parachute deployment. It consists of two main elements:

  • H-Harness
  • Hook-Pile tape lowering line

The H-Harness consists of two equipment retainer straps and it is used to rig the rucksack or any other operational load/weapon to the parachute harness. Two adjustable leg straps are provided to secure the pack to the parachutist’s legs. The leg straps are equipped with the male portion of the leg strap release assembly. The harness has a single-point release system that simultaneously releases the load and leg straps from the parachutist and the parachute harness. The Hook-Pile tape lowering line is used to lower all equipment attached to the parachutist. The lowering line is 15 ft long and is made of tubular nylon with two retainer flaps sewn on. The ejector snap has a safety lanyard attached.


SG7/100 Personal Free Fall Cargo Harness

The cargo harness SG 7/100 is used to transport personal equipment, attached to the jumpers free fall parachute harness up to 253 lbs in combination with a tactical free fall parachute system.

Now, the ability to insert with heavy equipment (up to 253 lbs) without tethering. Unique system can be used by tandem master or the passenger. In addition to a tandem system, the SG7 100 can also be used with systems with high upper and side attachment points.