Parachutist Jumpsuits


Designed for and tested by Special Forces Operators conducting HAHO/HALO jumps in extremely cold environments. This high-altitude insulated jumpsuit has been operationally proven on HAHO/HALO operations in the Arctic Circle. This suit has successfully demonstrated its performance at temperatures of minus 60o C (-76o F) at altitudes up to 10, 668 meters (35,000 feet). Tough and durable, this suit will also provide extra protection against injury during rough landings in harsh environments.


  • The front, legs and arms of the suit are lined with insulation to provide protection against the wind and cold. The back, above the seat area is not lined allowing the body to breathe during long pre-breathes in the aircraft.
  • The high, cold weather collar gives skin protection between the helmet and the top of the suit.
  • The arm and leg cuffs have hook and loop adjustable closures for a snug and secure fit and help preserve warmth in the suit.
  • Clear vinyl map and Chemlight pockets remain flexible at freezing temperatures.

The suit can support equipment necessary for successful HAHO/HALO operations.

  • A radio pouch is positioned on the inside left against the jumper’s chest below the chest strap to minimize its exposure to extreme temperatures and prolong battery life. The position allows for quick access when necessary.
  • Chemlight pockets are strategically positioned for front and back visibility during night jumps. One on each upper arm and one behind each lower leg for a total of four pockets.
  • A large 20 x 30cm (8 x 12 in) clear vinyl map pocket is located on the front right leg above the knee for easy visibility while seated in the plane or while under canopy.
  • The map pocket can be peeled off its hook and loop location and it is secured to the jumpsuit with a lanyard. The pocket is clear on both sides to allow more viewable information.
  • There is a life-raft lanyard attachment ring on the right leg.


Thermal Protection:    Down to -60o Celsius (-76o Fahrenheit).

Altitude Range:           Up to 10,668m (35,000 ft).

Materials:                     Outer – 500 Denier Cordura

                                    Inner – Thermal Insulation, R-Value of 3+

Construction:               Front, Seat, Arms & Legs – Insulated

Back – not insulated for temperature control

Hook & Loop Adjustable Closures on arm and leg cuffs

Sizes:                           Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Colors:                         Silver, Black – other colors on request

Customization:             By request


The Double Zipper Jumpsuit is designed especially for military applications. It may be ordered as a Tactical Jumpsuit to be worn for HAHO or HALO jumping missions, or used as an uniform for flight or ground crews. The double zippers run from the neck to the ankle and is easily put on over any uniform and boots. The pleated back, elastic waist band, and knit cuffs assure a comfortable fit while the reinforced knees, nylon cuffs, and collar assure durability. The durable zippered pockets may be ordered for the arm/ shoulder, thigh, and/or chest. This jumpsuit is comfortable, functional, and affordable.

Color Options

  • Numerous Color Options Available
  • Thermal Insulated Lining
  • Zippered Arm/Shoulder, Thigh, and/or Chest Pocket
  • Velcro for Name and Rank Tags
  • Elastic Ankle Cuffs
  • Gripper; Outside Arms & Legs- Available in Flat or Round Style Grips